What is Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs when a Male (Man) cannot keep an erection. Causes of ED Or Impotenacy include a blend of emotional and physical problems.

ED is a Very Common— and treatable — a problem for many men, particularly older men.

Responding to stimulation, the penis can know the reflex of the erection, which will then allow the good progress of sexual relations. If this natural mechanism is a reflex in most cases, some disorders may occur. Discover how this masculine function reacts and controls the sex life of the person concerned.

Erection, a natural mechanism

Erectile Dysfunction is a natural and healthy mechanism in humans. It occurs following a stimulus that can be of several kinds:

  • Physical: by touch, tactile stimulation of the penis or a caress of his or her partner or the individual himself
  • Psychic: wanting your partner, imagining it, etc.
  • Sensory: looking at a desirable body, feeling a fragrance that seduces or touches his or her partner, etc.

It can, therefore, be obtained at any time of the day, and sometimes even at night without any particular stimulus, it is then a spontaneous erection related to the sleep cycle and its paradoxical phases.

The penis, an erectile organ with a sophisticated mechanism

The penis consists of 4 distinct and complementary parts:

  • Two cavernous bodies
  • A spongy body
  • And the urethra

The porous body is a cylinder regulating the diameter of the urethra, which allows itself to let sperm or urine pass. Cavernous bodies are sponges that can contract or expand to let blood flow into the penis or not.

When the blood is blocked, the sex is flaccid and says, “at rest,” while during the passage of blood, it swells and stiffens. This is called tumescence, then erection. It is, therefore, these anatomical parts that make it possible to achieve a functional erection. Finally, these three bodies are all covered by an elastic membrane called albuginea, which protects them.

Erectile dysfunction

Linked to the non-sexual context, erections are expected in a man’s life, but may also find some functional disturbances. This is called erectile dysfunction. Achieving and keeping an erection can be a tenacious problem, either regular or regular. We can then recognize a reduction in the stiffness of the penis or a total absence of effect of the organ.

For a disease to be taken care of by a doctor, it can not be an occasional simple failure. Only the regular problems and very troublesome for the man, as well as his / her / its partner, will be treated.

Pathological disorders of erection must also be distinguished from age-related erectile problems. It is not unusual for mature men to observe changes in the quality of their erections, the time required for the general stiffening of the limb, or the duration of a successful erection. Qualitative.

The different causes of erectile dysfunction

Regulated by the neurological system on the one hand and hormonal, on the other hand, but also by the psychic of the individual, the erection can meet the interests of the three types. Certain diseases and their treatments can, therefore, be responsible for them, just like certain risky behaviors (smoking, alcohol or drug consumption, obesity ). Also, extreme fatigue or stress can lead to more or less marked diseases.

In case of sexual disorders, limited or very important, and to live a serene and satisfying sexual life, there are simple methods of relaxation or more difficult drug treatments that can be imagined. The man, engaged in his image and his manhood, can close and feel even more depressed. It is, therefore, necessary to reassure and support him to manage the problem definitively.

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